I build things for the web

I am a web developer experienced in building pleasant, functional, and easy-to-use business and company websites. I used to work full-time for one and a half year. Now, I focus on freelance work and learning new technologies.

My work mostly revolve on creating code solutions, JavaScript and CSS, alongside no-code solutions like Webflow.


I built a Webflow plugin!

Here's WindFlow ‐ the Webflow plugin you can use to add Tailwind utility classnames to your Webflow site. Speed up your development and forget the hassle of combo classes.

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Featured project: Easybank homepage

Made in Webflow! A concept site with simple structure and professional look. It uses Webflow's powerful interactions and content management system. See the project here.

Check out all my projects

From full JavaScript code apps, simple landing pages, to Webflow samples, every project is a learning opportunity to me. Hopefully, you'll get impressed, too.


I also accept freelance projects

Prototype to website build

Attention to detail plus effective implementation. Turning a great design into a great build. My forte.

From scratch to website build

Taking the extra step of converting ideas into design, and then into a full build.

Site maintenance

Mini-changes, extra pages, or improving systems at its core.

My tools

Frontend languages

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML: for building from scratch or extending website builder's capabilities.

Website builders

Webflow, WordPress, name your tool of choice.

Tools and libraries

React, Astro, Alpine, Tailwind, jQuery, SCSS

Builds made better

Content management

Blog posts and other content with easy-to-use structure.

Page speed optimization

Performance bottlenecks analysis and solutions.

Advanced interactions

Smooth user experience with simple to complex animations.

Device-responsive layout

Best possible layout for any device.

Code solution

Possibilities unlocked with simple embeds to complex customizations.

Organized build

Less headaches for future development and added content.

About me

Hey! It’s me, Mico. I am a frontend web developer, meaning I care about how the user interacts with the face of the website. I ensure that that the structure, layout, interactions, and features go well for the user.

My experience and knowledge in coding allow me to create the interface of a website, whether with full code solution or with the help of site builders like Webflow. When the need arises, I can make simple to complex customizations on Webflow via code.

Portrait photo of Mico Irvin

Get in touch

Comments, questions, new projects? Email me at mico@micoirvin.com You can also follow me on social media (links below).

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